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Becoming A Real Estate Agent, Broker Or Investor

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Becoming A Real Estate Agent, Broker Or Investor

Are you a New York real estate agent or broker looking to get your real estate license? Many people dream of getting their license, but not all of them make it through the licensing exam process. The licensing exam can be a tough thing to pass and many times people give up before even attempting. If you are thinking about passing the exam, there are many resources available that can help you along the way. Here are a few helpful tips for taking the real estate licensing exam in New York.

What can you do to prepare for the exam? – Take courses online, and there is an exam available for you at any of the state of NY’s Department of Commerce or Office of Consumer affairs. instructors are professional real estate specialists who provide expert training & extra career advice. These courses typically last two weeks, and cost about the same as two week’s worth of real estate classes. A great alternative to taking courses at a local college or university is taking an online course at an accredited university.

What are some other options for getting your real estate license? – Each county in New York has a zoning department. If you have completed and passed all of your required education courses, as well as passing the real estate licensing exam, then you might want to consider becoming certified in zoning.

What are some specific duties an agent must perform? – All real estate licenses are not created equal, so you must first become licensed to sell or market in New York City before you can work in another area. After you have achieved your license, you may be able to open a limited liability company, also known as an LLC. However, you must first complete all the required real estate transactions under your own name.

Are there other duties that agents must perform besides being a broker? – Yes! You must also complete any necessary state or federal financial activities as a real estate investor or broker. Brokerage firms typically maintain a separate account for such activities.

What are some advantages of becoming licensed as an agent? – Becoming an agent in New York opens the door to many opportunities for employment including real estate investment, mortgage lending, commercial property management, and leasing. Being an investor allows you to build wealth over time.