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    Latest Updates

    why are flood insurance rates going up

    why are flood insurance rates going up

    Hurricanes can be dangerous. They can cause severe damage through storm surges, wind damage, and flooding. They can occur anywhere along the coast of the United States or on any territory within the Pacific or Atlantic oceans. 

    The leading cause of deaths from hurricanes in the United States is storm surge. It is crucial to prepare your home for hurricane season, and also have a liable flood insurance policy.

    A 25% increase in the cost of insuring property from natural disasters has caused premiums to double over the past 10 years, but now rates are increasing because those costs are coming down and insurers are no longer exposed to losses on that kind of scale. 

    If you have a home that’s been flooded multiple times, this change is probably a good thing for you. Why? Well because now you’ll be able to get affordable flood insurance with just one or two small floods being enough to trigger an increased premium.

    why are flood insurance rates going up

    What’s causing flood insurance to go up?

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced a major overhaul of its National Flood Insurance Program last April. It promised that larger, wealthier homes would be the ones to bear the brunt, while nearly 90 percent of policyholders would have their premiums remain stable or decrease.

    Rates rose by more than 80 percent. These gains were estimated that they would be distributed equally between rich and poor areas according to a Redfin report. According to the report, 84% of policyholders saw increases in flood-insurance premiums.

    FEMA introduced Risk Rating 2.0 last year. It is based on cutting-edge science, modeling techniques, and other reforms. This new program is more equitable because rates are determined based on individual homes’ risk, rather than the combined risk of all homes within a single risk zone. 

    It is expected that the new system will charge higher premiums to the riskiest homes while premiums for many other homes would be lower. FEMA stated that the rates would not exceed 18% per annum and that they would be limited to $12,000 in total. 

    FEMA also stated that premium increases would be borne by the most expensive homes.

    How often will flood insurance rates increase?

    Flood rates in general are rising, so according to those insurance companies that FEMA regulates, there is a possibility that your rates could increase annually. 

    However, the NFIP’s director has stated that he does not expect any annual increases for at least the next couple of years because the agency doesn’t want to see people dropping their policies due to affordability issues. 

    This means that if you have a small flood, you’ll probably have a few years before your rate goes up. If you have a large flood, however, you may see a rate increase as soon as next year.

    Keep in mind that instead of looking at your rate as a percentage, you should be thinking about the dollar amount. 

    That way, you will know exactly how much your rate is increasing and can plan accordingly.

    Why this is a good thing for homes that have been flooded before

    We’d like to think that no matter what happens, everything turns out perfectly. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Flood insurance rate increases are supposed to be a bad thing, right? 

    After all, these rate increases mean we’ll have to pay a ton more money. But the truth of the matter is that the more often a home floods, the more expensive it is for the government to pay out on those claims. 

    With flood insurance rates going up, it’s going to be much more difficult for a flood-prone home to collect on a claim. 

    When it comes to the government, the more expensive something is, the less likely it is to be put into place. So even though flood insurance rates are going up, that’s a good thing for homeowners who have easily flooded in the past.

    Private Market Flood Insurance Options

    The average cost of NFIP Flood Insurance in Louisiana is $726/year. However, the amount you pay will vary depending on where your home is located. 

    FEMA has set the formula for NFIP flood insurance. Therefore, any company that sells flood insurance will offer you the same price.

    The NFIP is still the largest flood insurer. However, a growing number of private market insurers offer coverage in many areas. Policyholders can now switch flood insurance providers at any time, rather than waiting until their policy expires.

    Louisiana flood insurance is just like any other type of insurance. An agent will contact you to help you determine the coverage level and give you a quote. A proof of elevation is a document that proves how high your house is above the waterline.

    How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor For You

    Roofing Contractor

    When it comes to replacing or fixing their roof, the biggest problem homeowners face is finding the right roofing contractor. They must quickly restore the home and do the necessary roofing repairs after a storm. Luckily, you don’t have to choose the first Louisiana roofing contractor that knocks at your door! It may seem difficult to find a trustworthy, honest, professional contractor, but that’s exactly where you come in. These tips should be shared with homeowners by contractors to demonstrate that they are trustworthy and can be trusted to take care of their homes and wallets!

    Ask For Local Referrals From Friends & Family

    You are less likely to be scammed or have potential problems when you are given a local referral from someone you know. Contractors who specialize in your community are more familiarized with the local codes and regulations of the area, and they also have relationships with local crews and suppliers.

    Roofing Contractor

    Seek Out Companies With Manufacturer Designations

    These designations are a huge achievement for a contractor because they must meet certain requirements to become factory-certified. However, some manufacturers have stricter requirements than others do. 

    Check Out Their Better Business Bureau (BBB) Score

    Contractors can come in right after a storm to seek work. It’s important that you check their ratings on the BBB website. Avoid contractors that are not listed on the Better Business Bureau. Many roofing contractors must maintain satisfactory ratings with BBB to keep their certification.

    Roofing Contractor

    Obtain a Warranty

    Some contractors may not be able to offer warranties that cover workmanship. It may take several months or even years for damage to appear if a contractor installed the roof incorrectly, especially for a historic home, and insurance won’t cover it. You can only sue the contractor if they refuse to fix it or if they have gone out of business. 

    Make Safety a Top Priority

    Contractors without safety training are probably not the best choices for your roofing job. There is a unique national training organization called the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence, which has trained over 200,000 professionals. There is no reason a roofing contractor should not have gone through safety training before being hired to do the job you need.

    Roofing Contractor

    Verify That They Have Proper Licensing & Insurance

    Contractors should have insurance and be able provide a copy. If a roofing worker is hurt at a home, it could lead to legal action between the homeowner and contractor. While most states require contractors to be licensed, this does not prevent unlicensed contractors working on roofing jobs. If the state you are in requires them to have a license, ensure that your contractor gives you a copy of the license. You can also confirm their status online. 

    Be Sure to Pay Your Insurance Deductible

    Any contractor claiming they can repair the roof damage without the homeowner paying their insurance deductible is engaging in insurance fraud. Contractors should clearly state that the homeowner is responsible for their insurance deductible.

    Roofing Contractor

    Manage Your Own Insurance Claim

    Contractors who declare themselves to be “a claim specialist” or say that they “can handle your insurance claim” could be violating the law. Contractors cannot act for homeowners in negotiating an insurance claim. Contractors who open the door to legal action are not in your best interests.

    Do Not Feel Pressured to Sign a Contract

    Be wary of contractors who insist that you sign a contract before your insurance company has assessed the damage to your roof. Contractors may say that they will work with any insurance company, but homeowners need to make sure it is the right amount. Contractors should inspect the house thoroughly and make sure that any damage has not been overlooked by their insurance adjuster.

    Roofing Contractor

    Research & Remember Your Material Options

    A contractor that doesn’t offer you a variety of shingle choices isn’t looking out for your best interests. Your home’s resale price can actually be affected by the style and color you choose for shingles! It may be a good time to upgrade your roof style if you are being paid by an insurance company. 


    It can be hard to find a good roofing company when there are so many things to think about on top of your roof damage. Long story short, try to find a contractor with years of roofing experience who provide you with a trustworthy, honest, and reliable service. Do some research on reputable roofing companies in your area and do not be afraid to look through multiple options. No job is too big or small for a good roofer, whether it’s new construction or re-roofing before selling your home.



    How to Prepare a Historic Home For Hurricane Season

    Historic Home in Hurricane Season

    Many of us dream of owning a historic home. Historic homes come with many benefits, but also some risks. One of the most common risks associated with living in a historic home is how vulnerable it can be to natural disasters such as hurricanes. In order to prepare your historic house for hurricane season, there are five tips that you should follow.

    Inspect & Repair Your Gutters

    Your roof and gutters are the most important things to inspect when preparing for hurricanes. Before hurricanes hit, make sure you clean out your gutter system; this will help them drain properly if there is a lot of rain. If clogged, water can damage your roofing shingles or build up around nails on your roof’s edge. When inspecting the rest of your gutter system, look for any worn down pieces that could be more dangerous during hurricane season. You may also want to apply some metal flashing on the bottom portion of the gutter system to protect it from hurricane damage.

    Historic Home in Hurricane Season

    Clean Your Roof Before the Hurricane Hits

    Before hurricane season begins, it’s smart to have your historic house’s roof cleaned by professionals. Simply rinsing your roof with a hose can get rid of debris from trees or other things, but it won’t deep clean the most vulnerable areas. A good cleaning is key to protecting your roof during hurricanes because hurricanes can easily damage your historic house’s roof by creating pockmarks that are perfect places for leaks.

    Historic Home in Hurricane Season

    Check Your Roof For Any Missing Shingles that Need Replacements

    Your roof is more important than any other component of your home. It protects you from the elements. Everything else can be damaged quickly if the roof is removed. It is crucial to choose the right roofing material for your home. You should check for any loose or missing shingles on the edge of your historic home’s roof before hurricanes come around. If they are weak, hurricanes will push them off and create more damage if they blow away in high winds. 

    It is not worth spending a lot of money on asphalt shingles that are the cheapest. You should upgrade to more expensive, wind-rated roofing shingles. The price of shingles is far less than the labor required to install them. Major manufacturers offer asphalt shingles with wind ratings of 135 mph or higher. Some even make shingles that can withstand 150 mph winds. It is best to undergo a home inspection before making a choice on what material to use for your new roof.

    Historic Home in Hurricane Season

    Remove Any Dead Wood Near Your Home

    Since hurricanes can knock trees down, you want to remove dead wood near your historic home before hurricanes come around. The dead wood could blow into your house if a hurricane blows it towards your house or it might fall on top of the chimney and cause significant damage. You should also keep all bushes away from windows because they can break during hurricanes. This will reduce how much glass has to cover up in order to avoid hurricane damage.

    Historic Home in Hurricane Season

    Buy Storm Windows

    Storm windows are a better choice than replacing your windows. There are companies that can replace traditional wood storm windows with laminated-impact glass. This will not only make your windows more resistant to flying debris but also make them more efficient. These storm windows can be added to existing windows for double the protection and efficiency.

    Historic Home in Hurricane Season


    As you can see, hurricanes are sometimes the most devastating natural disasters that you will have to deal with in historic real estate. That makes preparing for hurricanes very important before hurricane season comes around each year! If you’re looking to buy historic real estate, be sure to work with someone knowledgeable about these types of properties. A specialist can help you avoid many of the problems that come with living in historic homes and selling your home before moving into a historic one. They’ll know what questions you should ask, what steps you should take to make your house as safe as possible, and more.

    10 Steps to Buying a Real Estate Franchise

    Buying a real estate franchise

    Franchises in real estate offer buyers a package containing a business and name recognition. The franchiser also pays for national advertising. Real estate franchise packages often include promotional materials, business software and hardware, as well as training for employees. You can easily buy a franchise in real estate if you do your research, understand how real estate franchises work, and take these steps outlined below!

    Make Calculations

    Calculate the finances you need to invest in a franchise. Add your personal wealth, money from partners and private investors, and any kind of potential company loans from financial institutions as well as other lending institutions.

    Buying a real estate franchise

    Focus On an Area of Real Estate

    Discover what type of realty transactions entice you, and how they match your education and experience. There are several franchise business possibilities that provide property, business, rental as well as leasing services in addition to relocation solutions.

    Buying a real estate franchise

    List Your Wants & Needs

    You should make a list of what you require from a franchise company in real estate. A variety of services are offered by corporate offices, including equipment and training. Based on your experience as a real estate agent, you can determine what you desire most in a real estate franchise.

    Buying a real estate franchise

    Seek Out Real Estate Companies With Franchise Opportunities

    Search for real estate companies that have available franchises. There are multiple ways to find franchise opportunities in real estate, such as visiting franchise brokers, researching franchise companies, and attending fairs to get a feel for each company. Franchisers can help you open your office and even provide support throughout the process.

    Buying a real estate franchise

    Request Franchise Applications

    After you meet with some franchisers, you can request promotional materials and franchise applications from the companies that you feel would fit you best. Talk to representatives of the company about the details and do not be afraid to ask questions.

    Buying a real estate franchise

    Compare & Contrast Costs & Requirements

    Compare the costs of a franchise and requirements for new owners, as well as the various franchise disclosures. Not only the one-time fees, but also renewal costs, that are required for a startup. Determine what royalty payments you will need to make to the franchiser. As a royalty payment, most franchisees will take a percentage from your annual business income.

    Look For Franchise Opportunities in Your Area

    Find out if there is a franchise opportunity in your area. Franchisers may limit the number of offices within a given region to protect their territory. Ask for a list of current franchises in the region you are interested in.

    Finish the Application For Your Desired Franchise

    Fill out the application and get the required documents from the franchisor. Corporate offices often want to know if you have the capital to start the business and keep it running.

    Review the Agreement With an Attorney Before Signing

    Before you sign the paperwork to buy the franchise, make sure you review the agreement with an attorney who specializes in real-estate business operations and franchising.

    Buying a real estate franchise

    Gather Your Financial Documents to Begin Funding Your Franchise

    To pay for your real estate franchise, you need to separate your cash and loan documents. This involves arranging a cash transfer, collecting money from partners, and applying for a business loan from a banker. Lenders will request copies of tax and bank account statements, credit reports, and a down payment to finalize the loan. After this, you will be able to start building and expanding your very own real estate franchise!

    What Must Be Disclosed When Selling Your Home?

    Selling your home

    Home sellers are well advised to disclose all their repairs, renovations and upkeep in their “For Sale” and “As Is” contracts with their prospective buyers. It is vital to understand what a seller must do when it comes time for a home showing and what is protected by state and federal laws. This article will discuss some of these matters and clarify any confusions about what is required when selling your home.


    One of the most important issues to be aware of is mold or mildew growth within the home. Typically, mold can only be detected if there is another detectable issue present. For example, a homeowners association’s mold inspector will not detect a mold problem unless there are visible signs of mold such as black specks on the basement walls, ceiling tiles, walls, or wood framing.

    The buyer should make sure to have a mold specialist or other licensed professional to come to the home to test for mold. If the issue is detected, the remediation process can begin. The remediation team may include a mold restoration company, an experienced mold inspector, or a reputable mold removal service. Once the remediation team has completed the testing and cleanup the buyer will need to consult with a real estate lawyer who is familiar with real estate law to ensure the disclosure is accurately recorded and follows all local rules and regulations.


    The mere presence of termites could also cause a serious health hazard. Also called “white ants”, these pests eat wood, feed on insulation and create unsightly, tiny holes and chew openings. This type of pest infestation should be made a part of a home sellers “For Sale” contract. Again, a homeowner’s association might be contacted to advise of any public or private areas where termites have been found. Again, a disclosure statement is required under local building regulations.

    Public Nuisances

    A new home or a house that has been newly constructed, or a home that is being rented, are likely to attract some type of public nuisance. Common examples include dog poop, bird droppings, oil, grease, or smoke. Depending on where the homeowner’s association is located, a sampling of the material may be required prior to allowing construction to begin. Some homeowners associations require the removal of the material before construction begins. In addition, homeowners can be required to pay for all cleanup costs resulting from a public nuisance.

    Home Repairs & Remodels

    A disclosure is needed in connection with any remodeling that will take place on the property. If the remodeling includes changing floors, adding a basement, getting a roof inspection, or putting a patio, the previous occupants must be made aware of the safety issues that could potentially arise. You must provide copies of all relevant receipts or bills. In addition, you must list any materials purchased at a local home improvement store that are part of the project and require your contractor to purchase them as well. These are all part of the contractor’s responsibilities. This will ensure that there is no additional risk involved when people step onto the property.

    Home Seller Disclosures Are More Important Than You Think

    While it may not seem like a big deal for many buyers, it is vitally important that potential home sellers make these disclosures to buyers they plan to sell their home to. The mere fact that a seller does not make the requisite disclosure before selling the home could create a major problem for a potential buyer who was unaware of such information. There are several reasons why this is so, including issues regarding the status of financing, the condition of the home, and the quality of the neighborhood in which the property is located. It is important to consider these things when looking into selling your home.

    Problems that Can Cause Your Roof Inspection to Fail

    Roof Contractor, Roofing Professional

    Problems That Can Cause Your Roof Inspection to Fail


    Home inspections are not required in most states , but if you are a property owner it is vital that you get one done on your house at least once in a lifetime. However, when you are looking for a roof contractor to come out to your home and inspect your roof, it is important to know what types of problems can cause a roof inspection to fail. While there is no “one size fits all” approach to inspecting any type of roof, it is important to be aware of the main reasons why the inspection is important. Most often, a homeowner will only get a roofing inspection when they are looking to buy or sell a home. Here are some common reasons why that may be the case.

    Roofs are Expensive

    – Roofs are one of the most expensive parts of a home to replace. While it is true that you may not need a roof inspection if you have never had one, it’s smart to get them every five to ten years just to make sure that your roof is still sound and intact. If your roof has been inspected and found to be sound and intact, that is good news. The problem is, what happens if it changes? Replacing a roof is not cheap and if it needs repairs, that will add to your expenses. If you think that the cost of a roof repair right now is more than the cost of a roof inspection at this point in time, you might want to rethink that decision.

    Bad Weather

    – Bad weather can cause a roof inspection to fail as well. Whether it is windy or rainy, high winds can knock down a roof and it can also cause leaks to appear around the building. Sometimes, this will only manifest itself through what is often referred to as ‘hydrostatic pressure’. This is due to the weight of rain and higher elevations on the building itself. The amount of hydrostatic pressure can be significant if a proper inspection is not done. If the roof inspection fails to detect the problem, the only solution then is a replacement.

    Roof Material

    – Another cause of roof failure is if the roofing material is not the right type for the structure itself. A building’s roofing materials are typically cement tiles or shingles. The problem with these materials is that they can eventually fail due to what is referred to as the ‘wear and tear’ process. When this happens, the roofer will need to replace the entire roof so that the structure is not damaged further. If the inspection failed to detect the problem in time, a building may need to be demolished rather than repaired.

    Severe Storms

    – Another issue that can cause a roof inspection to fail is when it comes to the timely repair of damage caused by severe storms. Most people associate a roof with safety, but it is important to realize that your roof does not have to be storm proof. Wind, rain, snow, hail and ice may all do damage, even though the roof is not actually damaged. In order to ensure that a roof is safe for living in, a thorough inspection should be completed at regular intervals. Even if a small leak comes up, you should know what type of problems can arise from it.

    Roof Contractor, Roofing Professional

    – All roofs need to be checked periodically to ensure that they are still sound. When a roof inspection fails to detect any evidence of damage that could be causing a hazard, such as a leak, a roofing material assessment should be conducted. If the roof inspection report indicates that there is damage, repairs should be made before the issue gets worse. If the issues are discovered after they have already gotten worse, your chances of having to make repairs grow significantly increase. Having a roofing material assessment done on your roof at least twice a year will help to ensure that you are able to take care of minor issues before they become worse.

    Age Spots

    – All roofs have age spots. Whether you see dark patches on the roof or spotty peeling paint, your roof has age spots. This type of damage can create holes through the shingles and the protective layer of paint, allowing water to get inside your home. If you notice any spots where the paint is peeling or exposing the underside of the metal, a roof inspection should be scheduled to determine whether or not this problem can be fixed or whether it should be replaced. If a hole develops through a shingle or other area, it may have to be replaced with a new one.


    These are just a few examples of what can cause a roof inspection to fail. If you spot problems with your roof that you believe could be covered by an inspection, schedule a visit to a local roofer soon. They can give you an estimate of what your roofing material costs, how much repair or replacement will cost, and tell you what types of repairs or replacements might be needed. Having this information ahead of time will help you prepare for what you hope to hear when the time comes or if your looking to invest in real estate. In addition, your roofer can offer suggestions about the best way to fix or replace your roof and what type of materials would be best for your particular situation.


    How to Sell Your Home in Today's Market



    With the current state of the economy, many people are looking at the future of the housing market with uncertainty. For many people, this uncertainty turns to real estate investment and knowing when to sell a home. There is money to be made on real estate no matter how bad the economy gets. In order to increase your profits, you need to know when to sell a home in today’s market.


    The best time to buy in any economic climate is now. The longer you wait, the less money you will make. It doesn’t matter what kind of real estate you are involved in; if you want to sell it when to sell a home, then you need to act quickly. The problem that most people run into is deciding when is the best time to sell. They don’t seem to realize that when to sell is actually during the slowest time of the year, not necessarily when is the worst.


    When you sell a home, you will need to know the going market rate for the home that you are interested in. You can easily get this by asking people in the neighborhood where you are thinking of buying a home or by asking a discount real estate broker. If they have already bought a home, they will probably tell you the rate that they are getting. You can also use the Internet to find out what other real estate agents and home buyers are paying for homes in your area. This can be very helpful when you are trying to determine your asking price. Once you figure out what the going rate is, you can either decrease or increase your price.


    Another way to sell a home in today’s market is to get the word out about your home. It may be wise to hold an open house to attract people. You can advertise your event on television, the local newspaper, or even hold a party at your home. People are more likely to be interested in viewing a home when it is available to them. Be prepared with sample photos and listings to make sure that you reach all of the people who are interested.


    There are also many real estate websites that you can use to sell a home in a more efficient way. You will be able to list your home without having to pay fees to put it up for sale. This makes the real estate market much more competitive when it comes to when to sell a home.


    The final way that you can sell a home in today’s market is by using the services of a Realtor. They can help you find buyers for your home as well as give you helpful information on how to make the most of your available space. You can easily hire a realtor who specializes in what you are looking to sell. Once you find a real estate agent who you feel is reliable and qualified, you will have everything you need in order to sell your home.

    Becoming A Real Estate Agent, Broker Or Investor

    real estate license

    Becoming A Real Estate Agent, Broker Or Investor

    Are you a New York real estate agent or broker looking to get your real estate license? Many people dream of getting their license, but not all of them make it through the licensing exam process. The licensing exam can be a tough thing to pass and many times people give up before even attempting. If you are thinking about passing the exam, there are many resources available that can help you along the way. Here are a few helpful tips for taking the real estate licensing exam in New York.

    What can you do to prepare for the exam? – Take courses online, and there is an exam available for you at any of the state of NY’s Department of Commerce or Office of Consumer affairs. instructors are professional real estate specialists who provide expert training & extra career advice. These courses typically last two weeks, and cost about the same as two week’s worth of real estate classes. A great alternative to taking courses at a local college or university is taking an online course at an accredited university.

    What are some other options for getting your real estate license? – Each county in New York has a zoning department. If you have completed and passed all of your required education courses, as well as passing the real estate licensing exam, then you might want to consider becoming certified in zoning.

    What are some specific duties an agent must perform? – All real estate licenses are not created equal, so you must first become licensed to sell or market in New York City before you can work in another area. After you have achieved your license, you may be able to open a limited liability company, also known as an LLC. However, you must first complete all the required real estate transactions under your own name.

    Are there other duties that agents must perform besides being a broker? – Yes! You must also complete any necessary state or federal financial activities as a real estate investor or broker. Brokerage firms typically maintain a separate account for such activities.

    What are some advantages of becoming licensed as an agent? – Becoming an agent in New York opens the door to many opportunities for employment including real estate investment, mortgage lending, commercial property management, and leasing. Being an investor allows you to build wealth over time.

    Real Estate School – What Does It Take And What Are The Education Requirements?

    When you are looking at real estate training, which option should you choose? Which online real estate school will best meet your needs as a real estate investor and property manager? You’ll find that there are a lot of different programs out there to choose from, so it can be confusing deciding which one will be the best for you. Here are some tips to help you decide which online real estate schools you should consider looking into. Continue reading to learn what online real estate schools have to offer you!

    Kaplan University has been offering online real estate schools for students for over 10 years, so they are one of the oldest and most respected schools out there. Best Overall: Real Estate & Loan Institute. They have earned their reputation as one of the top online schools in the U.S. by offering their borrowers a complete real estate education from start to finish. Their test preparation and continuing education classes are comprehensive, and they have earned the respect of many real estate investment banks by proving that they can offer graduates a real estate license even after they have passed the state exam. Because they have a national presence, they are often preferred over online schools that don’t have the nationally recognized names that other real estate programs have.

    A third option that is widely considered by today’s real estate investors is Kaplan University’s online Learning Style. The Learning Style is a platform that helps you customize your real estate education based on your goals and personal learning style. Once you have determined the learning style that works best for you, Kaplan allows you to tailor the way in which you get information and teaches real estate investing to you. In other words, it’s more customized than a traditional classroom setting. There are five learning styles: Financial Learning Style, Sales Learning Style, Consumer Learning Style, Technical Learning Style, and Behavioral Learning Style.

    If you’re looking for a real estate school that offers a flexible learning schedule, an accredited online realtor education course is probably a good fit for you. Most online education courses require pre-licensing hours and take about four years to complete. In most cases, these pre-licensing hours are fulfilled through the National Association of Realtors. Once you have all the pre-licensing hours completed, you will be able to complete the same real estate licensing exam that most other realtors must pass in order to maintain their license. Online real estate schooling courses typically take about six months to complete.

    In addition to online education, another way to get the education that you need is through realtor development training. This is a great way for those who are already working in the field to enhance their education while earning an extra two or three years of experience in the field. Realtor development training often involves internships at real estate companies or with real estate development agencies. You will learn valuable development skills that will benefit your career. The CE credits that you earn in this training program will count towards the number of hours required for your real estate license.

    There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a real estate school or program that is right for you. The first thing you’ll want to do is take a look at the degree program options. There are associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and more. You’ll also want to take a look at the continuing education requirements. You may need to fulfill certain CE requirements before you’re able to take the licensing exam.

    Some Real Estate Investing Options



    Real Estate Investing

    Real estate investment is a business activity that deals with the buying, holding, development and selling of real estate properties as a part of an investment strategy. Real estate investment essentially involves the acquisition, rights, use, maintenance, and resale of real estate property for profit. As part of the real estate investment plan, development of real estate property is usually considered to be a specialized sub-specialty of real estate investment known as real estate developmental. Developing real estate property is one of the most lucrative real estate investment activities and it requires detailed planning, extensive research and constant supervision to achieve good results.

    There are many ways in which the investor can develop the property, such as through the purchase of rental or even better through purchasing a piece of property with the intent to develop it into a piece of commercial real estate investment. Commercial real estate investment strategies are widely followed by investors worldwide. There are some investors who take advantage of short-term fluctuations in the real estate market by taking advantage of real estate short-term loans.

    An example of a real estate investment plan includes the purchasing of a single-family dwelling or a condominium. These properties may not require significant improvement. One of the main reasons why investors take this approach is because they have the option of selling the property after a certain period of time due to the fact that they can usually find buyers that are willing to pay a decent amount for the property. The majority of investors opt for a method that involves utilizing short-term financing for real estate investment such as the real estate short-term loans, which are offered by some financial institutions and lenders. A real estate short-term loan is one of the most popular techniques of investing in commercial properties because it allows the investor to obtain the maximum returns within a relatively short period of time without having to make large down payments or to obtain approval from major lending institutions like banks and credit unions.

    Real Estate Investing

    Real Estate Investment

    Many investors have a misconception that it is necessary to carry out extensive research and analysis before making an investment decision, especially when dealing with the real estate market. The truth is that conducting due diligence before investing in any type of property will help ensure that you obtain only the best deals available. There are lots of resources available online to find the best ways to sell your home property.  In addition, carrying out comprehensive due diligence will enable the investor to ensure that the deal is a sound one and will not risk losing too much money. Comprehensive due diligence includes carrying out a search for information related to the property you are planning to invest in through research, interviews with experts, reviewing plans and blueprints, as well as performing a credit check. You should also carry out an inventory check as well as performing any other types of inspection prior to signing any deal.

    Real estate rehabbing is another popular technique used by investors to purchase residential and commercial properties. However, before you embark on this venture, it is important that you get proper training from professionals who are knowledgeable about rehabbing properties. When considering this venture, it is important to bear in mind that there is considerable risk associated with this type of investment. Although there are real estate developers who have been successful at developing properties that are worth millions, most investors fail in this area due to poor planning and investment techniques.

    Private funding is another option that real estate investors often look to when they want to finance a property. Hard money loans are typically obtained from financial institutions that specialize in providing hard money loans. Since hard money loans are short term loans, most of the time you can receive the money you need within a few weeks. Another option that some investors use when looking to obtain money to invest in real estate is to use an entity called a limited liability corporation. In addition to reducing the tax burden associated with your individual income, a limited liability corporation will make it easier to take care of expenses that you may encounter as an individual investor. Although these types of strategies have worked well for some people, others find that they simply do not work for them.


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