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How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor For You

Roofing Contractor

When it comes to replacing or fixing their roof, the biggest problem homeowners face is finding the right roofing contractor. They must quickly restore the home and do the necessary roofing repairs after a storm. Luckily, you don’t have to choose the first Louisiana roofing contractor that knocks at your door! It may seem difficult to find a trustworthy, honest, professional contractor, but that’s exactly where you come in. These tips should be shared with homeowners by contractors to demonstrate that they are trustworthy and can be trusted to take care of their homes and wallets!

Ask For Local Referrals From Friends & Family

You are less likely to be scammed or have potential problems when you are given a local referral from someone you know. Contractors who specialize in your community are more familiarized with the local codes and regulations of the area, and they also have relationships with local crews and suppliers.

Roofing Contractor

Seek Out Companies With Manufacturer Designations

These designations are a huge achievement for a contractor because they must meet certain requirements to become factory-certified. However, some manufacturers have stricter requirements than others do. 

Check Out Their Better Business Bureau (BBB) Score

Contractors can come in right after a storm to seek work. It’s important that you check their ratings on the BBB website. Avoid contractors that are not listed on the Better Business Bureau. Many roofing contractors must maintain satisfactory ratings with BBB to keep their certification.

Roofing Contractor

Obtain a Warranty

Some contractors may not be able to offer warranties that cover workmanship. It may take several months or even years for damage to appear if a contractor installed the roof incorrectly, especially for a historic home, and insurance won’t cover it. You can only sue the contractor if they refuse to fix it or if they have gone out of business. 

Make Safety a Top Priority

Contractors without safety training are probably not the best choices for your roofing job. There is a unique national training organization called the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence, which has trained over 200,000 professionals. There is no reason a roofing contractor should not have gone through safety training before being hired to do the job you need.

Roofing Contractor

Verify That They Have Proper Licensing & Insurance

Contractors should have insurance and be able provide a copy. If a roofing worker is hurt at a home, it could lead to legal action between the homeowner and contractor. While most states require contractors to be licensed, this does not prevent unlicensed contractors working on roofing jobs. If the state you are in requires them to have a license, ensure that your contractor gives you a copy of the license. You can also confirm their status online. 

Be Sure to Pay Your Insurance Deductible

Any contractor claiming they can repair the roof damage without the homeowner paying their insurance deductible is engaging in insurance fraud. Contractors should clearly state that the homeowner is responsible for their insurance deductible.

Roofing Contractor

Manage Your Own Insurance Claim

Contractors who declare themselves to be “a claim specialist” or say that they “can handle your insurance claim” could be violating the law. Contractors cannot act for homeowners in negotiating an insurance claim. Contractors who open the door to legal action are not in your best interests.

Do Not Feel Pressured to Sign a Contract

Be wary of contractors who insist that you sign a contract before your insurance company has assessed the damage to your roof. Contractors may say that they will work with any insurance company, but homeowners need to make sure it is the right amount. Contractors should inspect the house thoroughly and make sure that any damage has not been overlooked by their insurance adjuster.

Roofing Contractor

Research & Remember Your Material Options

A contractor that doesn’t offer you a variety of shingle choices isn’t looking out for your best interests. Your home’s resale price can actually be affected by the style and color you choose for shingles! It may be a good time to upgrade your roof style if you are being paid by an insurance company. 


It can be hard to find a good roofing company when there are so many things to think about on top of your roof damage. Long story short, try to find a contractor with years of roofing experience who provide you with a trustworthy, honest, and reliable service. Do some research on reputable roofing companies in your area and do not be afraid to look through multiple options. No job is too big or small for a good roofer, whether it’s new construction or re-roofing before selling your home.